Table 1.

Effects of autoinducer additions on the bioluminescence of V. fischeri ESR1 and its luxmutant derivatives

StrainLuminescence (quanta/s/cell at OD600 of 0.1–1.5)Alteration of luminescence by the addition ofa:
ESR1244,400 ± 1,4002.4 ± 0.89
KV150 (luxA)<0.01<0.01<0.01
KV240 (luxI)8.73,600 ± 1,5001.7 ± 0.76
KV267 (luxR)171.0 ± 0.110.74 ± 0.06
  • a Ratio of the level of luminescence per cell for each strain grown in the presence and in the absence of the specified autoinducer: mean of three measurements, ± 1 standard deviation.