Table 3.

In vivo competition assays with wild-type serovar Typhimurium and isogenic mutants

MutantRoute of inoculationaMedian CIbNo. of micePc
Oral (Peyer's patch)d0.105<0.0005
gipA2::MudJ/pJS203Oral (Peyer's patch)d0.595NS
  • a All inocula contained a 1:1 ratio of mutant to isogenic wild-type serovar Typhimurium (JS135). Doses given to BALB/c mice were 102 CFU i.p. and 108 CFU orally. Bacteria were recovered from the small intestine after oral infection or the spleen after i.p. infection unless otherwise indicated.

  • b Defined as output (mutant/wild type) divided by input (mutant/wild type).

  • c Student's t test was used to compare output versus inoculum. NS, not significant.

  • d Bacteria were recovered from individual dissected Peyer's patches after oral infection.