Table 2.

Mutant rpoS sequencesa

StrainDNA lesionChange in nucleotide sequenceChange in aa sequenceHPII activity
1594FrameshiftC deletion at 743Truncation: retains first 223 native aa + 30 nonsense aa addedVery low
1595Base changeC to T at 964Arginine to cysteineNormal
1596FrameshiftCG insertion at 415Truncation: retains first 114 native aa + 4 nonsense aa addedNormal
1669Base changeG to T at 796Truncation: retains first 241 native aaNone
1670FrameshiftΔ290–701Truncation: retains first 72 native aa + 11 nonsense aa addedVery low
1674Base changeG to T at 168Glutamic acid to aspartic acid at aa 32Normal
1704Base changeG to A at 591Silent mutationVery low
1706Base changeG to C at 463Glutamic acid to glutamine at aa 131Normal
1747DeletionΔ565–576In-frame deletion of 4 aa, RLPI, Δ165–168Very low
1748FrameshiftC insertion at 743Truncation: retains first 224 native aa + AGR replaces LGGNormal
  • a Numbers describing DNA lesions are based on sequences submitted to GenBank (see Table 1), with 1 corresponding to the wild-type reference allele X77752 . aa, amino acid.