Table 1.

Induction of genes involved in nitrate and nitrite respiration in B. subtilis JH642 grown under anaerobic conditionsa

GeneDescriptionInduction (fold)
Nitrate respirationNitrite respirationFermentation
narG Nitrate reductase (alpha subunit)398.8488.9275.5
narH Nitrate reductase (beta subunit)636.6743.4430.8
narJ Assembling factor215.8208.5125.1
narI Nitrate reductase (gamma subunit)112.2102.661.4
narK Nitrite extrusion protein137.8136.8110.9
fnr Global anaerobic regulator105.1117.1115.8
hmp b Flavohemoglobin137.1166.24.6
nasD Subunit of NADH-dependent nitrite reductase39.838.615.3
nasE Subunit of NADH-dependent nitrite reductase16.915.03.9
nasF Cofactor; uroporphyrin-III C-methyltransferase9.99.02.4
resD Two-component response regulator4.56.85.7
resE Sensor kinase4.46.35.4
  • a Cultures were grown in a buffered 2× YT medium with 1% glucose, as described in Materials and Methods. For anaerobic growth, 5 mM potassium nitrate or 2.5 mM potassium nitrite was used if needed. No pyruvate was added during fermentation growth. Total RNA was isolated from cells at exponential phase. The fold induction value was obtained by calculating the ratio of the dye intensity of the anaerobic sample to that of the aerobic sample. Each data point is an average of the results of four independent experiments. A ratio of 2.0 or below was not considered a significant increase.

  • b Physiological function is not known.