Table 2.

Change in the percentage of cell types induced by transformation and expression of wdcdc42mutant allelesa

Strainb% of cells in form of:
YeastSclerotic bodiesc
Phase IPhase II
  • a Values are the averages for two independent transformants. Three hundred yeast and sclerotic bodies were counted for each sample.

  • b All transformants were derived from thewdcdc42 null strain Bd42-60. CDY was used as the basic growth medium, in which dextrose was replaced with soluble starch. Mid-log-phase cells harvested from a 25°C culture were diluted in a medium prewarmed at 37°C and incubated at this temperature for 3 days.

  • c The term “sclerotic bodies” refers to an isotropically enlarged cell phenotype that contains multiple nuclei (phase I) and at least one transverse septum (phase II).