Table 3.

Growth of the ΔrelMtb strain in liquid media

MediumaGrowth ratebMaximum ODc
Wild-type Rvrelknockout mutantWild-type Rvrel knockout mutant
Standard 7H90.620.132.40.92
+212 μM OA0.540.1852.041.0
+424 μM OA0.4240.1332.241.08
0.5% Peptone0.760.213.11.6
+1% Glycerol0.560.183.61.2
+1% Glycerol + 0.5% Peptone0.800.284.02.0
No glycerol0.0840.0461.30.42
No glycerol and no glucose0.0880.0600.380.26
0.2 mM DPPC0.1600.1650.600.65
  • a Standard Middlebrook 7H9 has 0.2% glycerol, no peptone, no oleic acid (OA), and 5.8 mM sulfate. All media are modifications of 7H9. Low-sulfate medium contained 0.5 mM sulfate. DPPC-containing medium had no glucose or glycerol. Each condition was evaluated at least twice with similar results.

  • b Growth rate is a linear fit to the OD (A 650) versus time in days at the most rapid growth phase.

  • c Highest OD for that culture.