Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
E. coli NovaBlueRecipient for cloning experimentsNovagen
 JR501For converting plasmid to Salmonella compatibility25
 SJW1103Wild-type strain for motility and chemotaxis34
 SJW2706 (=SJW2713 = SJW2715) fliF (deletion of bp 521–526, resulting in loss of A174 and S175)This study
 SJW1684ΔfliF 12
 MM06xxseries fliF flhA pseudorevertants from SJW2706, SJW2713, or SJW2715This study
 MM16xxseries flhA second-site mutants from corresponding MM06xx strainThis study
 KK1012Deletion of region II14
 SJW1364 flhA 18
 SJW156 flgD 23
 pMM106pET19b / N-His-FLAG-FlhAThis study
 pMM130pTrc99A / FlhAThis study
 pMMhA0608pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0608This study
 pMMhA0609pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0609This study
 pMMhA0610pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0610This study
 pMMhA0621pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0621This study
 pMMhA0635pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0635This study
 pMMhA0652pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0652This study
 pMMhA0654pTrc99A / FlhA of MM0654This study
 pMMiF2706pTrc99A / FliF of SJW2706This study