Table 1.

Comparison of Km values for the class II S. aureus HMG-CoA reductase with those of the class II biodegradative enzyme from P. mevalonii and the class I biosynthetic hamster enzymea

Reaction and substratesKm (μM) of enzyme from:
S. aureusP. mevaloniiHamster
Reaction 1 (HMG-CoA→mevalonate)
Reaction 2 (mevaldehyde→mevalonate)
Reaction 3 (mevaldehyde→HMG-CoA)
 NADP+ 40600
Reaction 4 (mevalonate→HMG-CoA)
 NADP+ 580510
  • a Data for P. mevalonii and hamster HMG-CoA reductase are from reference 34.