Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmid Relevant characteristicsaSource or reference
R. leguminosarum bv. viciae
 VF39SMStreptomycin-resistant derivative of wild-type strain VF39 17
 VF39SM′ A derivative of VF39SM with genomic rearrangement This work
 VF39SM" A derivative of VF39SM′ with deletion in plasmid pRleVF39b′ This work
 pXT A derivative of plasmid pGEM-7Zf(+); Apr 7
 pXTZ11 to pXTZ14 pXT derivatives containingXhoI/HindIII fragments of pRleVF39b This work
 pJQ177 pK19 derivative, 6.6-kbEcoRI/BamHI fragment carrying VF39fixLKNO genes; Kmr 24
 pTP100 pUC19 derivative, 4.3-kb fragment carrying VF39 fixBCX andnifA genes; Apr 15
 Cosmid 22030-kb DNA region from pRleVF39b cloned in vector pRK781320
  • a Apr, ampicillin resistant.