Table 2.

Mutations affecting the activity of P3

PlasmidPromoteraLuciferase activitybRatioc
pJIM2576 (wild type)TG A TATAAT2,0001
pJIM2589TG A cATAAT63.0 × 10−3
pJIM2596TG A aATAAT0.452.2 × 10−4
pJIM2586Ta A TATAAT105.0 × 10−3
pJIM2591Ta A cATAAT0.73.5 × 10−4
pJIM2593Ta A gATAAT1.47.0 × 10−4
pJIM2594Ta A aATAAT0.432.1 × 10−4
  • a The −10 consensus sequence is in uppercase, and the mutation is in lowercase.

  • b Specific luciferase activity in kilolux/OD unit at an OD of 0.5.

  • c The rate was calculated as the ratio of the luciferase activity produced from the promoter to that produced by the wild type.