Table 3.

Analysis of translation ofaldB::lux fusions

PlasmidInsertM17CDM with BCAACDM without BCAA
Lux activityaInhibition factorbLux activityInhibition factorLux activityInhibition factor
pJIM1732Stem II (anti-RBS/RBS)9.3222.01251.968
pJIM1735Stems I and II (tRNA-like/anti-RBS/RBS)1.61250.495100.53245
pJIM1739Stems I and II, ′ORF(+1) translated1.21670.604170.31419
pJIM1740Stems I and II, ′ilvAtranslated0.454440.10c >2,5000.11c >1,200
  • a In kilolux per OD unit.

  • b Ratio of luciferase activity to that obtained with pJIM1730.

  • c Value at the threshold level.