Table 1.

Location of Tn552kan-Campy insertions in the C. jejuni chromosome

MutantLocationaLocus Function
R1 21,949CjaEPutative membrane protein
R2 1,032,893Intergenic region
R3 842,931 Cj0903cPutative amino acid transport protein
R4 5,188Intergenic region
R5 1,489,676 Cj1555cHypothetical protein
R6 1,043,086 Cj1109(aat) Putative leucyl- or phenylalanyl-tRNA, protein transferase
R7 1,100,770 Cj1171c(ppi) Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
R8 843,422 Cj0903cPutative amino acid transport protein
R9 584,529 hypBHydrogenase isoenzymes, formation protein
R10 1,070,352Cj1135Putative two-domain glycosyltransferase
R12 378,598 Cj0412Putative ATP or GTP binding protein
R13 1,097,675 Cj1167(ldh) Putative l-lactate dehydrogenase
R14 552,826 Cj0595c (nth)Probable endonuclease III
R15 309204 Cj0339Putative transmembrane transport protein
R16 1,083,498Cj1150c (waaE) Putative ADP-heptose synthase
R17 343,343 Intergenic region
R181,077,395 neuCN-Acetylglusomine-6-phosphatase
  • a The location represents the nucleotide position of the C. jejuni NCTC 11168 genome (13).