Table 3.

Several effector proteins cooperate to mediate host cell invasion

StrainRelevant genotypeInvasiveness (%)aMacrophage cytotoxicity (%)bSource or reference(s)
SL1344Wild type10010025
SB856sopE53.3 ± 299419, 20
M202sopE sopE228.4 ± 3.98650
M516sopE sopE2 sopB0.95 ± 1.090This study
M511sopE sopE2 sopB sopD0.93 ± 0.485This study
M516(pM149)sopE sopE2 sopB (psopE2)80.8 ± 3187This study;50
M516(pSB1130sopE sopE2 sopE(psopE)213.0 ± 8190This study; 19, 20
M516(pM515)sopE sopE2 sopB(psopB)12.2 ± 1.217This study
SB161invG0.17 ± 0.1331
  • a Bacterial invasion into tissue culture cells was determined as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Three independent experiments indicate that the experimental error is the range of 10% of the given value.