Table 2.

Locations of Tn552kan-Campy insertions in C. jejuni that resulted in a motility defect

Nonmotile mutant LocationLocus Function
NM1 824,961flaDPutative flagellin
NM2 262,953 cheAChemotaxis histidine kinase
NM3 1,262,736 Cj1318Unknown
NM4 357,157 Cj0390 Putative transmembrane protein
NM5 768,579 fliPFlagellar biosynthesis protein
NM6 74,236fliYPutative flagellar motor switch protein
NM71,225,181 Cj1293 (flaA1) Possible sugar nucleotide epimerase homologous to flaA1 fromHelicobacter pylori and Caulobacter crescentus
NM8 624,961 rpoNRNA polymerase sigma 54
NM9 1,639,362 flgECentral flagellar-hook protein