Table 2.

Mutant phenotypes

MutantMutated geneHalo on CAS mediumaRhizobactin uptakeOuter membrane receptor protein
2011Wild type++YesAbundant
2011 rhbA62 rhbA YesReduced
2011rhbC2 rhbC YesNTb
2011 rhbE9 rhbE YesReduced
2011 rhbE11 rhbE YesReduced
2011 rhbF104 rhbF YesReduced
2011 rhbF107 rhbF YesReduced
2011 rhrA4 rhrA NoNone
2011 rhrA6 rhrA NoNone
2011 rhrA26 rhrA NoNone
2011 rhtA45 rhtA +++NoNone
2011 rhtA42 rhtA +++NoNone
2011rhtA1 rhtA +++NoNone
  • a −, No halo; ++, large halo; +++, very large halo. The CAS assay and bioassay phenotypes have been shown previously (46, 53). The levels of outer membrane receptor proteins are shown in Fig. 1.

  • b NT, not tested.