Table 1.

E. coli K-12 strains used

StrainGenotypebSource or reference
YK1100W3110trpC9941 72
YK2920YK1100 trpC9941 himA hip 72
YK1130YK1100 trpC9941 hupA 65
YK1220YK1100 trpC9941 hupB 65
YK1340YK1100 trpC9941 hupA hupB 72
YK2741YK1100 trpC9941 hupA hupB himA 72
YK4124YK1100 hns-2 72
YK4205YK1100 himA hip hns-2 22
YK4137YK1100 hupA hupB hns-2 13
YK5244YK1100 hns-2 stpA3::Spr Y. Kano
YK5246YK1100stpA3::Spr Y. Kano
CSH26Δpro-lac ara thi C. Ueguchi
CU211CSH26 Δhns::Kmr C. Ueguchi
KT1004KT1008rpoS(Am)K. Tanaka
KT1008 hns KT1008 Δhns::Kmr K. Tanaka
KT1004hns KT1004 rpoS(Am) Δhns::Kmr K. Tanaka
RZ4500MG1655 lacZΔ145 W. Reznikoff (66)
MDW246RZ4500 fis-767 W. Reznikoff (66)
CU241CSH26 λpCU45 C. Ueguchi (63)
CU242CH241 Δhns::Kmr C. Ueguchi (63)
HM12CU241 hns12 C. Ueguchi (63)
HM52CU241 hns52 C. Ueguchi (37, 63)
HM60CU241 hns60 C. Ueguchi (37, 63)
JE6638F purE trp lys proC leu thi lacZ xyl ara mtl mal man gal mel polA1 tonA tsx str rif nalA National Institute of Genetics collection
CSH26sulA::lacZ CSH26sulA::lacZ T. Horiuchi
YS28a CSH26sulA::lacZΔhns::Kmr This study
  • a Strain YS28 is a derivative with Δhns::Kmr from CSH26sulA::lacZ which was constructed by P1 transduction to kanamycin resistance using a P1 lysate grown on CU211.

  • b For the hns mutant alleles,hns-2 and Δhns::Kmr have an insertion of a fragment carrying the hygromycin resistance gene and a substitution of a fragment carrying the kanamycin resistance gene within the hns gene, respectively, producing an H-NS protein with a truncation of the region downstream of the 37th amino acid; HM12 has a mutation, hns12, in the proximal region ofhns producing an H-NS protein with a substitution of cysteine-12 for arginine in the N-terminal domain; HM52 and HM60 have an hns mutation in the distal region of hnsproducing H-NS proteins with a substitution of aspartate-113 for glycine in the C-terminal domain and a C-terminal truncation from amino acid residue 92, respectively.