Table 2.

Polar Z-ring positioning bias in different mutants

Strain% Polar ringsc% Nonpolar ringscPolar/nonpolar ring ratio
TX3772 (wild-type)a 01000.00
WM947 (ΔminCDE)a 36640.57
WM1125 (ftsZ84)a 01000.00
WM1147 (ΔminCDE ftsZ84)a 82184.58
WM1151 (ΔminCDE ftsZ84 *)b 61391.56
  • a Measured with cells grown at 22°C.

  • b Measured with cells grown at 37°C.

  • c Percentages were calculated from sampling at least 100 cells. Polar rings were defined as rings within 1 μm of the pole which were not separated from the pole by a nucleoid.