Table 1.

Phenotypes and genetic complementation oftad mutants

StrainGenotype of:Phenotype
StrainTest plasmidaColonybAdherenceFibrilsc
CU1000NWild type roughNoneR++++
tadA-G S
flp-tadG R+++
Aa1360 tadA VectorS
tadA + R+++
Aa1332 tadB VectorS
tadB + R+++
Aa1359 tadC VectorS
tadC + R+++
Aa1577 tadD VectorS
tadC+D + R+++
Aa1347 tadE VectorS
tadE + R+++
Aa1512 tadF VectorS
tadF + R+++
Aa1561 tadG VectorS
tadG + R+++
  • a The vector is tacp promoter plasmid pJAK16 (see Materials and Methods). Complementation did not require induction by IPTG.

  • b R, rough; S, smooth.

  • c Determined by electron microscopy as described for Fig. 1.