Table 2.

agr grouping of ET-producing strains

S. aureus strainaET toxin gene(s) detectedbagrgroupc
A 880251 eta II
A 880663 eta, etb IV
A 890257 eta IV
A 890430 eta I
A 910669 eta IV
A 910727 eta II
A 930309 eta IV
A 940384 eta,etb IV
A 950202 etb IV
A 960463 eta II
A 960645 etb IV
A 970183 eta,etb II
A 970529 eta, etb IV
A 970545 eta II
A 970675 eta I
RN4846 eta IV
RN4850 (MN-KG) eta IV
  • a S. aureus strains were all isolated from different patients with staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. Isolates were confirmed to be S. aureus by their ability to coagulate citrated rabbit plasma and to produce a clumping factor (6).

  • b eta and etb genes were detected by PCR assay as previously described (6).

  • c agr groups were determined by PCR sequencing analysis.