Table 3.

Determination of A. vinelandii AlgU activity in the E. coli background

StrainGenotypeβ-Galactosidase (U)a at min:
CAG16037 rpoHp3::lacZ 8.7510.89.17
CAG22216 rpoE::Cmr rpoHp3::lacZ NDNDND
CAG22216/pJMSAT1 A. vinelandii algU+mucA +
  • a β-Galactosidase activity reflects the level of E. coli rpoH p3 promoter which is fully dependent on ςE activity and was determined in cultures after shift to 42°C for the indicated time in minutes. Cells were grown on M9 medium as described previously (29). The data presented are the averages of three independent experiments. ND, not detected.