Table 1.

Phenotypic assay of HIV protease activity on liquid culturesa

PlasmidsNo inhibitorIndinavir (200 μM)Saquinavir (40 μM)
cAMP levelβ-Gal activitycAMP levelβ-Gal activitycAMP levelβ-Gal activity
pKT25 + pUC19<20100<20100<20100
pKACp5 + pUC193,0006,2003,0006,7003,0006,500
pKACp5 + pUCHIV753008002,7004003,000
  • a DHT1 bacteria cotransformed with the indicated plasmids were grown overnight at 30°C in LB medium plus ampicillin and kanamycin and in the presence of the indicated HIV protease inhibitors. cAMP levels (in picomoles per milligram [dry weight]) and β-galactosidase (β-Gal) activities (in units per milligram [dry weight]) were measured as described in Materials and Methods.