Table 2.

Levels of DPA, glucose dehydrogenase, and β-galactosidase from an sspA-lacZ fusion in spores of various strainsa,b

pUB-A presenceLevel of spore DPA (μg/μg of DNA)cSp act ofsspA-lacZ productdSp act of glucose dehydrogenased
Wild-type strainsα β strainsWild-type strainsα β strainsWild-type strainsα β strains
Without7.4 (7.1–8.2)10.4 (9.7–12.2)0.18 ± 0.020.27 ± 0.30.023 ± 0.0020.030 ± 0.004
With7.0 (6.0–7.8)7.2 (5.6–8.4)0.16 ± 0.020.15 ± 0.020.022 ± 0.0020.024 ± 0.002
  • a DPA and DNA analyses were done on clean spores as described in Materials and Methods. Assays for β-galactosidase and glucose dehydrogenase were performed as described in Materials and Methods after removal of spore coats prior to lysozyme rupture of spores.

  • b Spores were prepared by the resuspension method.

  • c Values are the average (range) from duplicate assays with spores of wild-type strains without pUB-A (PS346, PS533, PS3196, and PS3227), α β strains without pUB-A (PS533, PS578, PS3197, and PS3229), wild-type strains with pUB-A (PS549, PS3215, PS3231, and PS3236), and αβ strains with pUB-A (PS579, PS3216, PS3233, and PS3237).

  • d Values given are the ΔOD420(sspA-lacZ) or ΔOD340 (glucose dehydrogenase) per minute per microgram of DNA in spores. The values were calculated based on the DPA content of the spores (without coats) used for preparation of enzyme extracts. These analyses were carried out in duplicate on spores from two different preparations of strains: PS346 (wild type), PS361 (α β), PS3215 (wild type with pUB-A), and PS3216 (α β with pUB-A).