Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Source or reference
E. coli DH5-α8
M. xanthusa
  DK1622Wild type12
  DK2630 csgA741Ω1519 (Tn5)29
  DK4292Ω4400 (Tn5lac)16
  DK4294Ω4406 (Tn5lac)16
  DK4296Ω4445 (Tn5lac)16
  DK4300 sdeK4408::Tn5lac(Ω4408)16
  DK4323 sglA1 asgA476 Ω4521 (Tn5lac)16
  DK4368Ω4403 (Tn5lac)16
  DK4469Ω4469 (Tn5lac)16
  DK4521Ω4521 (Tn5lac)16
  DK5204Ω4435 (Tn5lac)16
  DK5206Ω4455 (Tn5lac)16
  DK5247 csgA::Tn5-132(Tetr) Ω4400 (Tn5lac)15
  DK5279Ω4414 (Tn5lac)16
  DK5287 csgA::Tn5-132(Tetr) Ω4414 (Tn5lac)15
  MS1512ΔsdeK1 This study
  MS1519ΔsdeK1 Ω4400 (Tn5lac)This study
  MS1520ΔsdeK1Ω4406 (Tn5lac)This study
  MS1522ΔsdeK1 Ω4435 (Tn5lac)This study
  MS1523ΔsdeK1Ω4414 (Tn5lac)This study
  MS1524ΔsdeK1 Ω4455 (Tn5lac)This study
  MS1526ΔsdeK1::pJEF39 tandem duplication; sdeK + ΔsdeK1 This study
  MS1527ΔsdeK1::pJEF40 tandem duplication; sdeKH286A ΔsdeK1 This study
 pBluescript SKIIAmpr Stratagene
 pBGS18Kanr 33
 pTrcHisBAmpr Invitrogen
 psdeK1Ampr; pBluescript SKII (cut withXmaI-HindIII) containing 1.6-kbAgeI-HindII fragment with sdeKORFThis study
 psdeK2Ampr; pTrcHisB (cut withBamHI-HindIII) containing ΩsdeKORF on a 1.6-kb BamHI-HindIII fragmentThis study
 psdeK2.5Ampr; psdeK2 with codon substitution (GCG→CAC) in sdeK ORF so as to produce His-SdeKH286AThis study
 pJEF39Kanr; pBGS18 (cut with SmaI-HindIII) containingsdeK ORF with 1 kb of upstream DNA and 500 bp of downstream DNA on a 3.1-kb StuI-HindIII fragmentThis study
 pJEF40Kanr; pJEF39 with codon substitution (GCG→CAC) in sdeK to encode SdeKH286AThis study
  • a All M. xanthus strains are derivatives of DK1622.