Table 5.

Mutant NTM7 fails to express tra genes

StrainReporter fusion(s)β-Galactosidase activitya
Without acyl-HSLWith acyl-HSLb
NT1(pDCKI41, pRKL17) traG +trbE 332327
NTM7(pDCKI41, pRKL17) traG + trbE 4853
NT1(pDCKI41, pRK415GIII) traG 8990
NTM7(pDCKI41, pRK415GIII) traG <1<1
  • a β-Galactosidase activity fromtraG::lacZ on pDCKI41 andtrbE::lacZ on pRKL17 was assayed as described in Materials and Methods and is expressed as units per 109 CFU. The experiment was repeated two times with a similar pattern of results.

  • b Provided at a final concentration of 100 nM.