Table 4.

Characteristics of the genes and their products coded for by the rnd A.t. locus of C58

A. tumefaciens geneCoordinates (bp)aSize (aa)dMass (kDa)Related proteinRelatednessbGenBank accession no.Possible function
orfA 459–1>153NAc YabK46/61 AE000117 Putative transport protein
mep 665–195539446.2YcaD22/35 AE000192 Putative transport protein
rnd 2041–320538843.2RNase D30/44 X07055 RNase D
orfX 3262–381618520.1NoneNANAUnknown
cya2 4074–510234337.6Cya253/62 X80991 Adenylate cyclase
  • a The first number is the first nucleotide of the initiation codon, and the second number is the last nucleotide of the final codon.

  • b Numbers represent the percentages of identical residues over the percentages of residues exhibiting conserved substitutions between the two proteins.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d aa, amino acids.