Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsaSource or reference
P. putidastrains
 DOT-T1ERifr 33
 DOT-T1E-1Rifr Telr ttgD::kilAB 25
 DOT-T1E-18Rifr Kmr ttgB::′phoA-Km43
 DOT-T1E-82Rifr Kmr Telr ttgD::kilAB ttgB::′phoA-Km25
 DOT-T1E-PS28Rifr Smr ttgH::ΩSmThis study
 DOT-T1E-PS30Rifr Telr Smr ttgD::kilAB ttgH::ΩSmThis study
 DOT-T1E-PS32Rifr Kmr Smr ttgB::′phoA-KmttgH::ΩSmThis study
 DOT-T1E-PS34Rifr Kmr SmrTelr ttgB::′phoA-KmttgD::kilAB ttgH::ΩSmThis study
Other strains
E. coliDH5αF′ recA1 Stratagene Inc.
 pUC18Apr, cloning vector45
 pHP45ΩSmApr Smr 30
 pGG1pUC18 bearing a 7.7-kb BamHI insert with thettgGHI genesThis study
 pGG2 ttgGH′::Smr::′ttgHI This study
  • a Rifr, Telr, Kmr, Smr, Apr, resistance to RIF, potassium tellurite, KAN, STR, and AMP, respectively.