Table 2.

The 30 most strongly hydrogen peroxide-induced genes in the wild-type strain

Geneb no.Induction ratioaFunctionb
dpsb0812180Stress response DNA binding protein
yaiAb038956Function unknown
katGb394244Catalase hydrogen peroxidase I
grxAb084937Glutaredoxin I
yfiAb259736Function unknown
ibpAb368729Chaperone, heat-inducible protein of HSP20 family
yjiDb432629Function unknown
ycfRb111226Function unknown
ahpFb060622Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase large subunit
trxCb258221Thioredoxin 2
sufAb168421Homology with IscA
ymgBb116620Function unknown
ahpCb060520Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase small subunit
ibpBb368618Chaperone, heat-inducible protein of HSP20 family
yaaAb000618Function unknown
fprb392417Ferredoxin NADP+reductase
cysKb241416Cysteine synthase
sufBb168316Function unknown
dsdXb236515Homology with gluconate permease
ybjMb084815Function unknown
yeeDb201214Function unknown
dsdAb236613d-Serine deaminase
soxSb406213Regulatory protein ofsoxRS regulon
sbpb391712Periplasmic sulfate binding protein
sufCb168212Putative ABC transporter
phoHb102012Member of pho regulon
yljAb088111Function unknown
ycgZb116411Function unknown
  • a Ratio of transcript levels for hydrogen peroxide-treated wild-type (MG1655) strain to transcript levels for untreated wild-type strain.

  • b Function descriptions are taken from .