Table 3.

The 30 most strongly hydrogen peroxide-induced genes in the ΔoxyR strain

Geneb no.Induction ratioaFunctionb
yfiA b2597109Function unknown
ibpB b368654Chaperone, heat-inducible protein of HSP20 family
ibpA b368735Chaperone, heat-inducible protein of HSP20 family
tnaA b370830Tryptophanase
yjiD b432629Function unknown
cysK b241425Cysteine synthase
uxuA b432223Mannonate hydrolase
dsdX b236522Homology with gluconate permease
ytfK b421720Function unknown
recN b261620Recombination and repair
soxS b406219Regulatory protein ofsoxRS regulon
dsdA b236618 d-Serine deaminase
fpr b392418Ferredoxin NADP+reductase
ymgB b116617Function unknown
yeeD b201217Function unknown
ygaQ b265417Function unknown
yaiA b038916Function unknown
yceP b106016Function unknown
glgS b304915Glycogen synthesis protein
ydcH b142615Function unknown
tnaL b370715Regulatory leader peptide fortna operon
phoH b102014Member ofpho regulon
ymgA b116514Function unknown
ydeN b149814Function unknown
sbp b391712Periplasmic sulfate binding protein
ynaF b137612Function unknown
cysP b242512Periplasmic sulfate binding protein
yaeH b016312Function unknown
manX b181711Mannose phosphotransferase system
ycgK b117810Function unknown
  • a Ratio of transcript levels for hydrogen peroxide-treated ΔoxyR (GSO77) strain to transcript levels for untreated ΔoxyR strain.

  • b Function descriptions are taken from