Table 2.

Positions with the highest information content

ScreenSiteInformation content (bits)Genomic positionGene
Initial126.0890054Upstream of grxA
223.1637851Upstream ofdsbG
319.5638089Upstream ofahpC
419.14131337Upstream ofkatG
516.02467337In yfdI
614.5710103Upstream of fur
713.9537879In ybbW
813.94156029Upstream of oxyR
913.82698016Downstream of yfhL
1013.71103699In csgA
1113.577803In yabM
1213.3576117Upstream of nmpC
1313.21524021Upstream of ansP
1413.13266461In yhaC
1512.73406233In panF
1612.41485303In ydcF
1712.44071146In yihU
1812.3848228Upstream of dps
1912.2502543Upstream of ybaL
2011.84603357Upstream of fhuF-2
Improved129.3637851Upstream ofdsbG
227.0890054Upstream ofgrxA
326.0710103Upstream offur
423.02467337In yfdI
521.8638089Upstream of ahpC
619.14603357Upstream of fhuF-2
718.34603273Upstream of fhuF-1
818.03666966Upstream of yhjA
917.64131337Upstream of katG
1017.41762663Upstream of sufA
1117.31475504Upstream of ynbA
1217.32069355Upstream of flu
1316.42167805In gatR
1416.03266461In yhaC
1515.83272480In yhaU
1615.81211333Upstream of elbA
1715.52698016Downstream of yfhL
1815.51596260Upstream of ydeK
1915.34156029Upstream of oxyR
2015.11118367Upstream of yceA
3813.1848228Upstream of dps
7711.42716640Upstream of trxC
11410.3497211Upstream of hemH
3567.43643862Upstream of gorA