Table 1.

Plasmids used in this work

PlasmidEncoded protein (promoter)aVectorAntibiotic resistancebSource or reference
pKD2LcrV-DHFRHis6(T7)* pET9aKmThis work
pKD3LcrV1–200-DHFRHis6(T7)* pET9aKmThis work
pKD4LcrV1–100-DHFRHis6(T7)* pET9aKmThis work
pKD5LcrV1–50-DHFRHis6(T7)* pET9aKmThis work
pKD6LcrV1–15-DHFRHis6(T7)* pET9aKmThis work
pKD7LcrVΔ2–14-DHFRHis6(T7)* pET9aKmThis work
pKD8LcrV-NPT (lcrG)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD14LcrV-GST (sycE)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD15FLAG-LcrV (tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD16GST-LcrV201–326(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD17GST-LcrV201–274(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD18GST-LcrV275–326(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD19GST-LcrV101–326(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD20GST-LcrV101–274(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD21GST-LcrV151–274(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD22GST-LcrV51–326(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD23GST-LcrV51–274(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pKD24GST-LcrV151–326(tac)* pHSG576CmThis work
pCT60LcrG (tac)pHSG576CmThis work
pVL48GST-LcrG (tac)pHSG576CmThis work
pGEX-2TKGST (tac)pHSG576Cm29
pVL47GST-LcrV (tac)pHSG576Cm33
pVL69LcrV-Flag (tac)pHSG576CmThis work
pHSG576Low-copy cloning vectorCm59
pET9aT7 polymerase expressionKm58
  • a For entries indicated with an asterisk, the primer sequences can be obtained from the authors upon request.

  • b Km, resistance to 50 μg of kanamycin per ml; Cm, resistance to 20 μg of chloramphenicol per ml.