Table 4.

OxyR regulon

Geneb no.Basal level (ppm)aInduction ratio in strain:
Wild typeΔoxyR
dps b08123301802.0
katG b3942270442.1
grxA b084954371.2
ahpF b0606350221.2
trxC b258273212.1
ahpC b06052,000202.2
fur b06833902.91.1
gor b35001602.10.9
dsbG b0604930.70.7
flu b20001101.01.9
fhuF b43672000.45.7
hemH b047539111.1
sufA b1684270213.6
sufB b168390164.0
sufC b1682120123.4
sufD b16811608.33.0
sufS b16802203.51.5
sufE b16791408.23.5
yaaA b0006110184.2
yaiA b03891305616
ybjM b08485115.01.1
yljA b088125011.04.6
  • a Levels in cells during exponential growth in LB medium. The data are from unpublished data of Y. Wei and R. A. LaRossa.