Table 1.

E. coli strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype and/or propertiesaSource or reference
 BL21(DE3) hsdS(rB mB ) gal dcm ompT λ(DE3); T7 RNA polymerase gene under control of the lacUV5 promoter31
 H1443MC4100aroB 30
 H1717H1443fhuF::λplacMu5330 and 12
 LCB272 lacY gaIU pyrD trp::Tn5 rpsL mal valr F′ 106zbh-272::Tn10 20
 MAL103 araD139 Δ(proAB lacIZYA)rpsL150 araB::Mu(cts)zzz::Mud1 (Ampr laccts)6
 MC4100 araD139Δ(lacIZYA-argF)U169 rpsL150 relA1 flhD5301 deoC1 fruA25 rbsR22 5
 SIP744, -879MC4100mntH::Mud1 aroB This study
 SIP882MC4100 mntH::Mud1This study
 SIP890MC4100 mntH::Mud1 fur-28 zbf-15::Tn10 aroB This study
 SIP891MC4100 mntH::Mud1fur+ zbf-15::Tn10 aroB This study
 SIP894MC4100mntH::Mud1 fur-28 zbf-15::Tn10 This study
 SIP895MC4100 mntH::Mud1fur+ zbf-15::Tn10 This study
 SIP924, -931, -932, -933,   -943, -944, -949SIP879 but mntR; see Table 2 This study
 pACYC184p15A ori, 4.2 kb, Camr Tetr, medium copy number7
 pBC-SK+ ColE1 ori, 3.4 kb, Camr, phage T7 φ 10 promoter, expression vector, high copy numberStratagene
 pHSG575pSC101 ori, 3.6 kb, Camr, low copy number33
 pSP61/18pHSG575 fur (nt 2073–2847, 62) in SmaI siteThis study
 pSP115/25pACYC184f527′ o86 o155 o372′ (nt 10296, 73, to nt 1924, 74) inBamHI siteThis study
 pSP116/1pHSG575mntR (nt 360–1067, 74) in SmaI siteThis study
 pSP116/10pACYC184 mntR (nt 360–1067, 74) inEcoRV siteThis study
 pSP116/25pT7-7mntR (nt 580–1067, 74) in NdeI/EcoRI siteThis study
 pSP117/11pBC-SK+ mntH operator (170 nt of the Mud1 end, nt 3610–4764, 217) in EcoRV siteThis study
 pSP118/14pBC-SK+ with corrupt MntR box (nt 4433–4455, 217, with a deletion of nt 4452) in EcoRV siteThis study
 pSP118/18pBC-SK+ with MntR box (nt 4433–4454, 217) in EcoRV siteThis study
 pT7-7ColE1 ori, 2.5 kb, Ampr, phage T7 φ 10 promoter, expression vector, optimal Shine-Dalgarno sequence32
  • a For plasmids, the positions and section numbers of the insert in the E. coli K-12 strain MG1655 genome sequence according to Blattner et al. (3) are given in parentheses.