Table 2.

C. acetobutylicum genes missing in B. subtilis and showing apparent evolutionary affinity to distant taxaa

Type of affinity and C.a. gene IDDescription and comments for gene product
Eukaryotic affinity (49 proteins total)
 CAC0406Predicted membrane protein, containing FHA domain
 CAC0529Acetylxylan esterase-related enzyme
 CAC0537Acetylxylan esterase; acyl-CoA esterase or GDSL lipase family
 CAC0920Protein related to MIFH/DOPD protein family, function in bacteria is unknown
 CAC1075Beta-glucosidase family protein
 CAC1344Sugar kinase, possible xylulose kinase
 CAC2541Reductase/isomerase/elongation factor common domain
 CAC3373Pectin methylesterase
 CAC3411Homolog of plant auxin-responsive GH3-like protein
 CAP0004Cysteine protease
 CAP0129Glycogen-binding regulatory subunit of S/T protein phosphatase I
Archaeal affinity (195 proteins total)
 CAC0033ABC1 family protein kinase
 CAC0069Predicted iron-binding protein, hemerythrin
 CAC0214 + othersEndoglucanase, aminopeptidase M42 family
 CAC0474 CAC0478ACT domain containing transcriptional regulator
 CAC0650Adenylate cyclase, class 2 (thermophilic)
 CAC2000 CAC2001Indolepyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, subunit beta and alpha
 CAC2409Transglutaminase-like enzyme, putative cysteine protease
 CAC2520 + othersMultimeric flavodoxin (WrbA) domain-containing protein
 CAC3110L14E ribosomal protein
 CAC3597 CAC3598Rubrerythrin
 CAC3555 + othersNitroreductase family protein
Affinity toT. maritima (168 proteins total)
 CAC0672TGS and inactivated HXXXH domain of Thr-RSase fused to uridine kinase
 CAC0749 + othersHD and HD-GYP hydrolase
 CAC1319-CAC1326Gene cluster with unknown proteins and glycerol uptake facilitator protein
 CAC2428 CAC2714Activator of 2-hydroxyglutaryl-CoA dehydratase
 CAC0780Tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase
  • a C.a., C. acetobutylicum.