Table 2.

Deregulation in mutant mntRstrainsa

E. colistrainRepressionbMutated nucleotideAmino acid substitution
SIP9241.3954 G→A126 Ala→Thr
SIP9311.2845 G→A89 Trp→stop
SIP9321.1882 G→A102 Ala→Thr
SIP9331.15871 G→A98 Gly→Glu
SIP9431.2845 G→A89 Trp→stop
SIP9441.3744 C→T56 Arg→Cys
SIP9491.3772 G→A65 Gly→Glu
  • a The numbering of the nucleotides reflects the position in the E. coli K-12 strain MG1655 genome, section 74 (3) (MntR is encoded by nt 579 to 1046), and the numbering of the amino acid residues specifies the position in the E. coli wild-type MntR protein.

  • b Ratio of β-galactosidase activity of themntH-lacZ fusion without and with 5 μM Mn2+.