Table 2.

Expression of YopD by Y. enterocolitica W22703(pDA35) grown in DMEM at 37°C

Signal(s) addedAmt. of YopD in culture with (+) or without (−) Ca2+a
77 (4)55 (12)73 (4)68 (32)
Glutamate174 (127)124 (23)118 (59)99 (27)
Albumin65 (31)85 (39)54 (14)63 (22)
Glutamate and albumin181 (34)289 (111)97 (16)128 (5)
FBS113 (29)241 (122)100d 100d
  • a Numbers indicate the percent amount of YopD present in Y. enterocolitica cultures. Numbers in parentheses represent the standard deviation of the measurement.

  • b Data were generated by trichloroacetic acid precipitating cultures, separating proteins on SDS-PAGE, and immunoblotting with YopD-specific antiserum. Numbers represent averages of three independent experiments. Data were multiplied with a correction factor for the bacterial density, which was determined by measuring the optical density at 660 nm of Yersiniacultures.

  • c Data were generated as described above and multiplied with a correction factor for an immunoreactive signal obtained with chloramphenicol acetyltransferase-specific antibodies.

  • d The average amount of YopD in Y. enterocolitica W22703 cultures grown in DMEM supplemented with FBS was arbitrarily assigned a value of 100%.