Table 1.

H. pylori strains

StrainaOriginSource and/or reference
Type I strains
 CAN9APeru R. H. Gilman, 18
 HK192 Hong Kong B. Wong, 18
 HUP57Spain M. Lopez Brea, 18
 26695 United Kingdom K. Eaton, 3, 31
Type II strains
 R10 South Africa I. Segal, 18
 SS1 Australia A. Lee, 17, 22
 X47b United States H. Kleanthous, 19
 2600 Texas D. H. Kwon, 21
 2667 TexasD. H. Kwon, 21
 2714 Texas D. H. Kwon, 21
 A219 Alaska (Cordova) A. J. Parkinson
 A381Alaska (Nome) A. J. Parkinson
 A1099 Alaska (Kipnuk) A. J. Parkinson
A10103 Alaska (Kotlik)A. J. Parkinson
  • a Type I and type II Mtzs H. pylori strains are defined here as requiring inactivation of rdxA alone, versus requiring inactivation of bothrdxA and frxA, to generate a Mtzrphenotype (see the text and references 16 and 17).

  • b Strain X47 is referred to as X47-2AL in reference 19.