Table 5.

rdxA alleles from frxA mutantH. pylori recovered from MTZ-containing BHI agara

StrainMtzrisolateChange in:
DNA Protein
Type I
 26695 frxA::cat 1 AG insertionFrameshift from Glu(138)
2GAG→TAG Glu→stop(75)
3 CGC→CACArg→His(16)
 HUP57 1 C insertionFrameshift from Cys(159)
frxA::aph 2CAG→TAG Gln→stop(50)
3 GA deletionFrameshift from Glu(107)
 CAN9A 1 CAA→TAAGln→stop(102)
frxA::aph 2GAAATCGCT insertion Insertion of 3 amino acids (Glu, Met, and Ala) from 41
3 TGG→TGA Trp→stop(209)
 HK192 1 T insertion Frameshift from Leu(157)
frxA::aph 2 T insertion Frameshift from Met(84)
3 A deletionFrameshift from Lys(64)
Type II
 R10frxA::aph 1 GAA→TAAGlu→stop(32)
2 GAA→TAA Glu→stop(32)
3GAG→TAG Glu→stop(75)
  • a H. pylori were recovered from BHI agar containing 8 μg of MTZ per ml. The genes aphand cat confer resistance to kanamycin and chloramphenicol, respectively.