Table 1.

Yeast strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeSource or reference
SP1MATahis3 leu2 ura3 trp1 ade8 Can32
TK161R2V (SP1RAS2Val19)Isogenic to SP1 butRAS2Val19::HIS332
SP1ras2ΔIsogenic to SP1 butras2::LEU230
SP1ras2Δyap1ΔIsogenic to SP1 but ras2::LEU2 yap1::HIS330
ΣL5527MAT ura3 trp130
Σras2ΔIsogenic to L5527LH but ras2::LEU230
L5585 (Σste20Δ)MATaste20::TRP1 trp1::hisG ura3-5224
SR599 (Σira1Δ)MATaira1::LEU2 leu2::hisG,his3::hisG ura3-5226
419MMATa/MATαade2/ade2-R8 ura3-52/ura3-52 his4-912/HIS4 lys2-201/lys2 trp5-d/TRP5 leu2-3,112/LEU2 his7/HIS7 metX/MET can1/CANG. Simchen's stock
W303MATacan1-100 ade2-1 his3-11, 15 leu2-3 trp1-1 ura3-1Yeast Genetic Stock Center (Berkeley, Calif.)
YPH102MATaura3-52 lys2-80 ade2-101 leu2-1 his3-20028