Table 6.

Putative signal transduction-associated genes that significantly respond to the AI-2 quorum signal

Gene or B number Probable gene productaInduction ratio (fold)
ylcAPutative two-component transcriptional regulator +4.4
b2380Putative sensor protein +3.9
ygeVPutative ς54-dependent transcriptional regulator +3.6
b2248Putative regulator +3.6
ybiFPutative transmembrane subunit +3.4
yqhCPutative AraC-type regulatory protein+2.7
yhhMPutative receptor +2.6
yhbHProbable ς54 modulation protein+2.5
ycgEPutative transcriptional regulator−2.6
ycjZPutative transcriptional regulator, LysR type −3.3
  • a Genome information is from Blattner et al. (9).