Table 2.

Possible/probable drug efflux pumps encoded by S. pneumoniae R6

Gene no.Gene nameaDescription
spr0137ABC-NBD&MSPThis is similar to the E. coli msbA gene, which is proposed by Milton Saier, Jr., and Ian Paulsen to function in drug efflux (∼ipaulsen/transport/ )
spr0144Conserved hypotheticalPossible macrolide efflux permease of the major facilitator superfamily
spr0610ABC-NBD/truncationProbably part of a drug resistance ABC transporter pump
spr0875pmrAMajor facilitator superfamily multidrug resistance efflux pump
spr0880tehBMultidrug resistance; K+-tellurite ethidium and proflavin transport (there is notehA gene in S. pneumoniae R6)
spr0971mefEABC transporter membrane-spanning permease for macrolide efflux
spr1023ABC-MSPPossible macrolide efflux pump
spr1052MATEHypothetical multi-antimicrobial extrusion (MATE) family transporter
spr1183ABC-NBD/truncationPossible multidrug efflux pump,clyB/comA paralog, missing NH2 half
spr1203ABC-NBD&MSPHypothetical ABC transporter possibly involved in multidrug resistance or toxin secretion
spr1352btaBacterocin transport accessory protein
spr1378–81ABC-MSP/truncationThis is a fragmented ABC transporter gene similar to the S. aureus pepT efflux pump
spr1734–6ABC-NBD/truncationThis is a fragmented ABC transporter gene similar to the Mycobacterium tuberculosisMTb1273 efflux pump
spr1877MATEHypothetical multi-antimicrobial extrusion (MATE) family transporter
  • a Abbreviations: ABC-NDB, ABC transporter nucleotide-binding domain; ABC-NBD&MSP, ABC transporter nucleotide-binding domain and membrane-spanning permease; ABC-MSP, ABC transporter membrane-spanning permease.