Table 4.

Transcriptional orientations of genes flanking BOX and RUP repetitive elements

ElementNo. (%) of elementsa
→BOX or RUP→→BOX or RUP←←BOX or RUP→
BOX80 (4)26 (13)9 (4)b
RUP49 (3)21 (11)14 (7)b
  • a The arrows indicate the transcriptional orientation of the genes flanking the BOX and RUP elements. The numbers of BOX and RUP elements in each orientation are listed. The parenthetic percentage values are the fractions of all intergenic regions in each transcriptional orientation that contain BOX or RUP elements.

  • b These numbers may be artificially high. Three of these 9 BOX elements and 6 of these 14 RUP elements are adjacent either to small hypothetical genes predicted with low confidence or to insertion elements. Were those genes falsely predicted or the IS elements not present, these BOX and RUP elements would be in the →BOX/RUP→ orientation relative to their flanking genes instead of the ←BOX/RUP→ orientation.