Table 6.

ςB-independent stress gene induction inB. subtilisa

GenebFunction or nearest homolog (E value)Regulatory protein or sigma factorOperon structureInduction ratio
Induction by EtOH, heat, and salt shock
murGUndecaprenyl-PP-MURNAC-pentapeptide-UDPGlCNAc GlCNAc transferasem2.
sacCLevanase (EC )CcpA, LevRm3.
yugJButanol dehydrogenase (EC 1.1.1.-), C. acetobutylicum(1e-97)m3.
yutGLow temperature requirement C protein,B. halodurans(4e-51)m2.
ywoAProbable bacitracin transport permease BcrC,B. licheniformis(4e-17)m2.
ywnFUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(6e-05)m4.
ywaCGTP pyrophosphokinase, B. halodurans(4e-36)m2.
Induction by EtOH and heat shock
groESClass I heat shock protein (chaperonin)HrcA1st+7.2111.016161.6
groELClass I heat shock protein (chaperonin)2nd+5.0141.311181.9
yhfAUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(1e-41)2nd2.
yhfIUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(2e-59)1st2.
yhfJLipoate-protein ligase, B. halodurans(e-136)2nd2.
yhfKUnknown conserved protein BH1520, B. halodurans(3e-32)3rd3.
yitWdTDP-4-keto-l-rhamnose reductase RmlD, S. mutans(3e-31)m3.
yjbGOligopeptidase F homolog, B. subtilis(<3e-180)m4.
ykuVUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(1e-59)m2.
yoeBNo similaritym7.4201.5176.00.7
yqkFOxidoreductase BH1011, B. halodurans(e-102)m6.
yqiGNADH oxidase, T. brockii(2e-45)m2.
hrcAcTranscriptional repressor of class I heat shock genesHrcA1st+5.27.856.87.68.6
grpEHeat shock protein (HSP-70 cofactor)2nd+
dnaKcMolecular chaperone3rd+
yvrD3-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, S. meliloti(1e-30)m3.
iolSIon channel homolog YccK, B. subtilis(3e-94)m2.
Induction by heat shock
ycnDNADPH-flavin oxidoreductase, B. halodurans(4e-49)m1.
yjeAPeptidoglycan GlcNAc deacetylase,Streptococcus pneumoniae(1e-48)m0.
clpEATP-dependent Clp protease-like (class III stress gene)CtsRm+1.0121.22.3154.4
yqjMNADH oxidase, B. halodurans(e-126)m1.
yrkFORF H0532, Halobacterium sp. (5e-13)3rd1.
yrkEHypothetical protein, Staphylococcus aureus(5e-36)2nd1.
yrkDHypothetical protein, S. aureus(5e-14)1st0.
Induction by EtOH shock
ygaCUnknown conserved protein BH3193, B. halodurans(6e-28)m3.
yhcXNitrilase-related protein, D. radiodurans(1e-32)2nd3.
yhgBNo similarity1st3.
ykgBHypothetical protein YadB, L. lactis(1e-60)m4.
yktCmyo-Inositol-1(or 4)-monophosphatase homolog, B. subtilis(e-153)1st3.
ypiAα-Acetolactate synthase Als, L. lactis(9e-34)1st4.
yrzFNo similarity1st3.
yrzGNo similarity2nd3.
ytkLNo similaritym3.
ytxKUnknown conserved protein BH3193, B. halodurans(3e-76)m3.
yuaENo similaritym4.
yvqHPhage shock protein A, E. coli(8e-07)2nd3.61.10.6231.20.9
yvqINo similarity1st3.41.61.3161.50.9
yvgWCation-transporting ATPase, P type (PacS) PAB0626, P. abyssim3.
ureBUrease (gamma subunit) (EC )SigA, SigH1st3.
ureAUrease (beta subunit) (EC )Cod, GlnR2nd4.
Induction by salt shock
yaaNTellurite resistance protein, R. sphaeroides(2e-50)SigW2nd1.
sigWRNA polymerase ECF type sigma factorSigW1st1.
ybbMAnti-ς factor of SigW2nd1.
ybfARibosomal protein S18 alanine acetyltransferase homolog, A. fulgidus (1e-06)m2.
opuAAcGlycine betaine ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein)SigA1st+
opuABcGlycine betaine ABC transporter (permease)2nd+
opuACGlycine betaine ABC transporter (glycine betaine-binding protein)3rd+
ydbSUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(3e-28)SigW1st2.
ydbTUnknown conserved protein BH1721, B. halodurans(9e-68)2nd1.
ydjFPhage shock protein A, D. radiodurans(4e-20)SigWm2.
ydjGUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(6e-74)SigW1st1.
ydjHUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(2e-11)2nd1.
ydjIUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(4e-5)3rd0.
ydjONo similaritySigW3rd1.
ydjPBromide peroxidase, S. aureofaciens(1e-18)2nd1.
yeaANo similarity1st1.
spoOMSporulation control proteinSigHm3.
yhaUPutative transmembrane transport protein,S. coelicolor(8e-65)3rd0.
yhaTcHypothetical protein YrvC,B. subtilis(4e-49)2nd1.
yhaSNo similarity1st1.61.6201.71.512
yhgDTranscriptional regulator (TetR/AcrR family),B. halodurans(8e-32)m1.
yjoBFtsH, Helicobacter pylori(2e-20)SigWm3.61.3152.21.013
ykrLProbable protease HtpX, E. coli(2e-51)m1.
yknWUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(4e-20)SigW1st1.
yknXcATP-binding cassette transporter-like protein TptB, S. cristatus(5e-23)2nd0.
yknYPutative ABC transporter YvrO, B. subtilis(3e-75)3rd1.
yndNGlutathione transferase FosB (EC ),S. epidermidis (8e-48)Potential SigWm1.
proJGlutamate 5-kinaseSigA2nd+
proHPyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase1st+
yoaFNo similarityPotential SigWm0.
yobJNo similaritySig Wm1.
yocLNo similarity2nd1.
yocMSmall heat shock protein HspC, B. japonicum(2e-9)1st0.
yozOHypothetical protein YjqA, B. subtilis (7e-10)Potential SigWm0.
yqfBNo similarityPotential SigW3rd1.
yqfAProtein of unknown function ORF1, B. megaterium(1e-151)2nd1.70.9242.81.122
yqeZNo similarity1st1.30.9171.81.017
yrkAIntegral membrane protein with hemolysin domain, C. jejuni(1e-73)m0.
yteJUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(3e-31)SigW2nd1.
yteIProteinase IV, A. aeolicus(1e-37)1st2.
ythQABC transporter (permease), B. halodurans (6e-05)Potential SigW2nd1.
ytgBABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (TroB),T. pallidum(6e-79)2nd0.
ytgAABC transporter, periplasmic binding protein (TroA), T. pallidum(9e-63)1st0.
yuaIProbable acetyltransferase, D. radiodurans(1e-15)SigW3rd2.50.8347.02.162
yuaGEpidermal surface antigen, B. halodurans(4e-78)2nd3.60.9577.21.968
yuaFNo similarity1st1.71.0142.71.220
gbsBgAlcohol dehydrogenaseSigA2nd+
gbsAGlycine betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase1st+
mrpBNa+/H+ antiporter BH1318, B. halodurans(2e-26)2nd+
opuBDcCholine ABC transporter (membrane protein)SigA4th+
opuBCcCholine ABC transporter (choline-binding protein)3rd+
opuBBCholine ABC transporter (membrane protein)2nd+
opuBACholine ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein)1st+
opuCDcGlycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (membrane protein)SigA4th+
opuCCGlycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (binding protein)3rd+0.30.7150.51.028
opuCBGlycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (membrane protein)2nd+
opuCAGlycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein)1st+0.40.9130.40.915
yvlDUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(4e-23)SigW4th1.
yvlCcUnknown conserved protein BH3592,B. halodurans(3e-11)3rd0.
yvlBUnknown conserved protein, B. halodurans(4e-63)2nd2.
yvlANo similarity1st2.
yxjIHypothetical protein SCGD3.06, S. coelicolor(2e-05)SigWm1.
ahpFAlkyl hydroperoxide reductase (large subunit) (EC )2nd+
ahpCcAlkyl hydroperoxide reductase (small subunit)SigA1st+
  • a See Table 1, footnotes b through e, and Table 2, footnote b, for explanations of data presentation.

  • b Genes are sorted according to their order in the B. subtilis genome. Genes previously known to be induced by the stimulus are shown in bold. EtOH, ethanol.

  • c Operon internal genes that do not meet the stringent expression criteria are included here if the flanking genes display ςB-dependent expression or if the operon structure has been proven by Northern blot analysis.