Table 1.

Genes found in R6-encoded proteins that have been studied for a role in S. pneumoniae virulence or as protective antigens to S. pneumoniaea

Gene no.Gene nameDescription
spr0121pspASurface protein (choline binding), functions in inhibition of complement activation and may involve lactoferrin binding (30, 48)
spr0286hysAHyaluronidase (30)
spr0674sodAManganese cofactored superoxide dismutase (30)
spr0867lytBEndo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase (15)
spr0884ppmASurface-located proteinase maturation protein (33)
spr1042igaImmunoglobulin A1 protease (49)
spr1323nox (nadH)NADH oxidase (1)
spr1492, spr1493psaB, psaCWithpsaA, part of manganese ABC transporter operon (30)
spr1494psaAAdhesin, manganese ABC transporter substrate-binding protein (30)
spr1536, spr1531nanA, nanBNeuraminidase, sialidase (30)
spr1707amiAOligopeptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein (33)
spr1739ply (tacY)Pneumolysin (thiol-activated cytolysin) (30)
spr1754lytAAutolysin (N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase) (30)
spr1995cbpA (pcpA)Surface protein (choline binding), functions in adherence and immunoglobulin A inactivation (30)
spr0040bthmABacteriocin-like amphipathic pore-forming peptide precursor (26)
spr0059bbgaCBeta-galactosidase 3 (52)
spr0351,bspr0337bpcpC, cbpF (pcpC1)Surface protein (choline binding), unknown function
spr0462bblpS (iR1)Regulator of bacteriocin production (39)
spr0465biPBacteriocin-like peptide, regulator (39)
  • a Other genes with a role in virulence or pathogenesis include two-component regulator systems (13 paired histidine-kinase and response regulators, one orphan response regulator) (46); genes for peptidoglycan biosynthesis; genes for synthesis of teichoic acid; and genes for choline synthesis, export, and attachment (pkc, choline kinase; proWX andproV, choline transport; licD1 andlicD2, choline metabolism).

  • b Published gene(s) for which function or motif suggests roles in pathogenesis but which lack experimental verification.