Table 1.

Bacterial strains, plasmids, and phages used in this study

Strain, plasmid, or phageDescriptionSource or reference
 DW18MC4100 Φ(glgA::lacZ) (λplacMu15)16
 BW3414ΔlacU169 rpoS(Am)Barry Wanner
 FDBW3414BW3414 Φ(flhDC′-′lacZ)43
 MG1655PrototrophicMichael Cashel
 TR1-5 MG1655acsrA::kanR32
 RH MG1655rpoS::Tn1044
 RG1-B MG1655csrB::camThis study
 CAG12079MG1655 (fuc3072::Tn10)38
 DH5αsupE44 ΔlacU169 (φ80lacZΔM15) hsdR17 relA1 recA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-13
 DH5α λpirDH5α λpir lysogenPreeti Sundaram
 DHB6521SM551λ InCh1 (Kanr)8
 SM551 (=DHB6501)Fλλs Δlac(MS265)mel NalArsupF58(=suIII+)8
 CF7789MG1655 ΔlacIZ (mluI)Michael Cashel
 KSB837CF7789 Δ(λatt-lom)::blaΦ(csrB-lacZ)1(Hyb) AmprKansThis study
 KSGA18CF7789 Φ(glgA::lacZ) (λplacMu15)This study
 RG-19 BW3414pMEG-CSRB-CAM integrantThis study
 pCSR10Minimal csrA in pUC1932
 pCSRB-SFMinimal csrB in pUC1823
 pCSRB-CAMcsrB::cam in pUC18This study
 pMEG-CSRB-CAMcsrB-knockout plasmid (csrB::cam)This study
 pCSRB81-kb csrB region in pUC18This study
 pCBZ1pGE593 Φ(csrB-lacZ)This study
 pGE593Vector for lacZ transcriptional fusions; Ampr11
 pMAK705Source of cammarker14
 pMEG-011pir-dependent suicide vectorPreeti Sundaram
 pSPT-18Transcription vector with SP6 and T7 promotersBoehringer Mannheim
 pTR151csrA::kanR cloned in pUC1932
 pUC18Cloning vector; Ampr48
 pUC19Cloning vector; Ampr48
 pBR-CSRB1Minimal csrB in pBR322This study
 P1virStrictly lytic P1Carol Gross
 λDD628Contains csrBregionFred Blattner
 λInCh IFor genomic insertions; Kanr8
  • a Strain designations containing the prefix TR or TR1-5, RG or RG1-B, or RH indicate that the mutant allelecsrA::kanR,csrB::cam, orrpoS::Tn10, respectively, was introduced by P1vir transduction.