Table 4.

Summary of recombination test results

Intraspecies recombination detectedHumanC. trachomatis ( P = 0.0001 ; Sawyer runs test) C. psittaci ( P = 0.038 ; Sawyer runs test)None
Interspecies recombination detected C. trachomatis MoPn and C. pneumoniaeHorse N16 ( P = 0.033 ; Sawyer runs test)None
Barrier to recombination suggested C. trachomatis MoPn and SFPD and C. psittaci ( P = 0.038 0.124 : Sawyer runs test)Not done
Linkage equilibrium for entire geneNoNo
Linkage equilibrium for regionsC class strains in downstream half (P = 103)Not done
Relative degree of recombination among classesC class strains higher level of recombination that B class strainsNot done
Relative degree of recombination among regions of geneDownstream half higher level of recombination than upstream halfNot done
Significant mosaics foundG/UW-57, D/B-120, E/Bour, LGV-98 (P = 0.001)Not done