Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsReference or source
E. coli
  HB101 lacY1 galK2 supE44 ara-14 proA2 rpsL20 recA13 xyl-5 mtl-1 hsdS20 mcrB mrr 12
  S17-1C600::RP-4 2-(Tc::Mu)(Km::Tn7) thi pro hsdR hsdM + recA 25
R. sphaeroides
  2.4.1Wild typeW. R. Sistrom
  TSPO1 tspO::Kmr 31
  APP11 appA::Tpr 6
  APP-TSPOAPP11tspO::Kmr This study
  PUC-ZWT lacZY::Ω Smr/Spr A′ inserted at theXmnI sites within pucB of the wild type; B800-850 13
  PUCB-TSPOPUC-ZWTtspO::Kmr This study
 pRK415Tcr 10
 pBSIIKS+Apr; with T3 and T7 promotersStratagene
 pUC4KSource of Kmr Pharmacia
 pSUP202pBR325 derivative, Mob+ Ap+ Cm+ Tc+ 25
 pAS204pRK415 containing the 2.1-kb SstIcrtB, tspO fragment from pUI8487; Tcr A. Suwanto
 pUI1110pSUP202 containing 3.7-kbtspO::Km fragment inserted at the SspI site; Tc+ Km+ M. Wood and S. Kaplan
 pUI1124pBSIIKS+ containing tspO under PrrnB Ap+ M. Wood and S. Kaplan
 pUI1830TpSmr/Spr Tp+ puf::lacZ J. I. Oh and S. Kaplan
 pCF200KmSmr/SprKm+ puc::lacZ 13
 pUI2701Derivative of pRK415 harboring 1.1-kb KpnI fragment of pUI1124 containing tspO under PrrnB; Tcr 31
 pUI2730Tcr; derivative of pRK415 containing hemN 30
 pUI2732Tcr; derivative of pRK415 containinghemN and tspO under PrrnB 30