Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidCharacteristicsaReference or source
V. fischeri
 ES114Wild-type isolate1
 ESR1ES114 derivative, spontaneous Rfr 9
 OM3ESR1 with a portion ofompU replaced with the Cmr geneThis study
 KR-tox1ESR1 toxR null mutant, Cmr K. Reich
 pBluescriptIICommercial cloning vectorStratagene Inc.
 pCR2.1Commercial cloning vectorInvitrogen Inc.
 pVO8 V. fischeri cloning vector, mob site, Cmr Emr 46
 pKV36Derivative of pUC19, ColE1 ori, AprCmr K. Visick
 pEVS20Derivative of pCR2.1, ColE1 ori, F1 ori, Apr KnrTpr E. Stabb
 pOV211-kbp BglII fragment of ES114 DNA containing ompU in pVO8This study
 pFA33.3-kbp HindIII fragment of pOV2 containing ompU in pVO8This study
 pFA5pFA3 with ompU PstI/HincII fragment replaced with Cmr geneThis study
 pFA8pFA5 with Tpr gene from pEVS20 inserted in NotI siteThis study
 pFA92.7-kbp SacI fragment containing intact ES114 ompU in pVO8This study
  • a Rf, rifampin; Em, erythromycin; Kn, kanamycin; Ap, ampicillin.