Table 1.

Identification and function of selected 2-D gel protein spots that were down-regulated after 6 h of attachment timea

SpotN-terminal sequenceLocusProteinProtein descriptionFunction
A8MLIVTKNPPVVGHDQPA3623NIpDOuter membrane lipoproteinCell wall
A6DDKVLHVVN-D–APA0300PotF2ABC transporterPolyamine transport
B9DVKIGVAGPMTDAPA4913NIbABC transporterAmino acid metabolism
B2KEAETVQKLANVVILPA1337AnsBGlutaminase asparaginaseAmino acid metabolism
A4SAEKQK-GVHSEAGKPA5171ArcAArginine deiminaseAmino acid metabolism
A7AFNIHNRNLLPA5172ArcBOrnithine carbamoyltransferaseAmino acid metabolism
B1MFSRDLTIAK-DA-LPA4602GlyA3Serine-hydroxymethyltransferaseAmino acid metabolism
B4-PATK-PNo match
  • a The protein spots were N-terminally sequenced, and the proteins were identified by comparing the N-terminal amino acid sequence to that found on the P. aeruginosawebsite using the BLASTX program (1). The spot numbers correlate with the numbers indicated in Fig. 3. The locus designates the gene number in the genome of P. aeruginosa.

  • b NI, not identified.