Table 2.

MinCD-induced division inhibition and the effect offtsZ (Rsa) alleles

Strain ftsZallele(s) Transformation efficiency (%)a
JKD7.2/pBef0 Wild type 0.5
JKD7.2/pBef2 ftsZ2 36.3
JKD7.2/pBef9 ftsZ9 2.3
JKD7.2/pBef100 ftsZ101+ ftsZ114 3.7
JKD7.2/pBef114 ftsZ114 5.3
  • a Transformation efficiencies are the ratios of transformants obtained in two parallel electroporations made with two mini-F plasmids, pSEB14, carrying minCD, and pSEB12, carrying the complete minCDE operon. The latter serves as a positive control for transformation. The values are the ratios of pSEB14/pSEB12 transformants times 100.