Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in the study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference(s)
E. coli
 DH12S mcrAΔ(mrr-hsd RMS-mcrBC) F′ lacI q lacZΔM15Gibco BRL
 YK4122H5K hha3::Tn5Knr 18, 44
 GS162K-12 lac laboratory strainG. Stauffer
 BJ1575GS162hha3::Tn5 Knr This work
 BW21355K-12 F ΔlacX74 B. Wanner
 BJ1925BW21355 hha3::Tn5Knr This work
S. enterica serovar Typhimurium
 SL1344Wild-type virulent strain57
 BJ68SL1344sipC::Tn5lacZY Tcr 47
 BJ70SL1344 hilA::Tn5lacZYTcr 47
 BJ72SL1344invF::Tn5lacZY Tcr 47
 BJ644SL1344 phoP::Tn10Tcr 49
 BJ661SL1344 with pho-24 by P22 transduction from BJ2272 Cmr This work
 BJ690SL1344 ΔphoP hilA::Tn5lacZYTcr This work
 BJ2227TF79 withpho-24 by P22 transduction from BJ2272 CmrKmr This work
 BJ2272TA2367 (pho-24) with pepT7::Mud by P22 transduction from JE2761 Cmr This work
 BJ2305BJ690 withhha::kan by P22 transduction from TF79 Kmr Tcr This work
 EE656SL1344prgH::Tn5lacZY Tcr 3
 JE2761LT2 pepT7::Mud Cmr 54
 TA2367LT2 pho-24 K. Sanderson
 TF59EE251 pepT::Mud 1(x)12
 TF79BJ70 hha::kanKnr This work
 TF80SL1344hha::kan Knr This work
 TF81LT2 pho-24 hha::kanKnr This work
 TF82LT2hha::kan Knr This work
 pRW50Low-copy-numberlacZYA reporter vector, Tcr 37
 pGEM-THigh-copy-number PCR cloning vector, Apr Promega
 pTF120Cosmid carrying serovar Typhimurium DNA carrying the hha gene, Apr This work
 pTF137pGEM-T with hhafrom S. typhimurium, Apr This work
 pTF141pRW50 derivative carrying nt −39 to +420 ofhilA fused to lacZYA Tcr This work
 pTF142pBDJ129 derivative carryinghha::kan CmrKnr This work
 pLS31pRW50 derivative plasmid carrying −497 to +420 of hilA fused to lacZYATcr 50
 pBDJ129Suicide mini-F plasmid vector, Cmr 33
 pBDJ200 repE pBR322 derivative, Apr 33
 pWAM582Plasmid carrying thehlyCABC hemolysin genes and upstream promoter sequencesR. Welch